Wireless Carriers

The wireless services sector is rapidly growing and along with it are consumers' desires to do more with their phones. In this highly competitive market, Wireless Carriers are looking to differentiate their offerings based on content and value added services. Nitido enables Wireless Carriers to become the personal media hub for consumers, creating a venue for personal information, personal media and premium content. All of which can be managed on the Web and then programmed to the phone.

Nitido Offering

  • Nitido PIM enables a sticky, core platform consumer-centric service delivery
  • Support for JME, Brew and WAP enables single service delivery to wide range of consumer devices
  • Ability to enable the consumer to become a "content programmer" for more compelling "On-the-go" customer experience
  • Integrated advertising network
  • Platform to rapidly create mobile services
  • Professional services, consulting and contract development

Business Value

  • Rapid time to market with differentiated services to the handset
  • New revenue streams through value added service activations and advertising
  • Converged Web / Mobile service offerings
  • Increased operational efficiencies in service delivery