Internet Service Providers are continually looking for ways to offer innovative, yet cost effective ways to offer value to consumers. In an ever-increasingly competitive market, margins are thin and retention of customers a challenge. Not only are ISPs competing with themselves, they are also competing with value added service offerings from the leading portals. Nitido enables ISPs to create new consumer-centric service offerings to maintain and grow the customer base as well as the advertising value associated to it.

Nitido Offering

  • Scalable, efficient and full featured Nitido PIM applications for white labeled consumer-centric services
  • Integrated advertising network
  • Increased reach and frequency of use of services by extending these applications to wireless networks
  • Platform that enables rapid assembly and time-to-market of new services
  • Platform to increase operational efficiencies of existing application infrastructure
  • Professional services, consulting and contract development

Business Value

  • Market differentiation with next generation consumer-centric services
  • Multi-tenant platform for multi-tiered branding, service provisioning and service bundling
  • Rapid time to market through white labeled offering
  • New revenue streams through value added services and advertising
  • Reduced project risk by leveraging pre-built and proven infrastructure
  • Reduced churn and increased customer satisfaction