Web Hosting

Web Hosting companies understand that in order to achieve economies of scale, multi-tenant infrastructure is essential. Most companies create their own environment, only to find that a significant amount of operational budget goes into maintaining the system, rather than on new service delivery or operating margins. Nitido's applications and infrastructure servers were designed for multi-tenant hosted service delivery from the ground up. We've worked with the world leaders and have created applications and infrastructure that enable Web Hosting companies achieve the same rapid service delivery and economies of scale.

Nitido Offering

  • Nitido PIM enables multi-tenant service creation and delivery from a single instance
  • Multiple levels of branding, customization and personalization
  • Native multi-lingual support at the core
  • Easily integrated into core provisioning and "back end" systems
  • Integrated advertising network
  • Platform to rapidly create mobile services
  • Professional services, consulting and contract development

Business Value

  • Rapid time to market with differentiated services
  • Easier service bundle assembly
  • New revenue streams through value added service activations and advertising
  • New revenues by extending Web hosted value proposition to mobile devices
  • Increased operational efficiencies in service delivery