Nitido Web Services Gateway

The Web Services Gateway (WSG) enables service providers to host 'application mobilization' as a network service. The WSG places the self administered assembly and user interface definition at the service provider and supports web-services and open standard integration to backend enterprise systems.

Your customer will love it because WSG

  • turns a CapEx into a subscription
  • isolates them from changes in networks and devices
  • transparently handles occasionally connected devices
  • Reduces the IT skill requirement, Turns mobilization into configuration

Features & Benefits

  • Transforms the enterprise mobilization CapEx into a high-value subscription for the service provider
  • Self-administration for enterprise customers to achieve high economies of scale
  • Multi-tenant and multi-brand
  • Detailed event tracking, logging and reporting enabling flexible and innovative billing options
  • Up-sell opportunities by integrating Nitido PIM.

For more information please contact Nitido Sales at or phone 416.516.4166.