Nitido PIM





Nitido's consumer-centric applications have been deployed in the largest ISPs and carriers and have been proven in their ability to scale, deliver on customer QoS expectations as well as deliver a meaningful and enjoyable consumer experience. Nitido PIM forms the foundation of the consumer-centric experience by providing consumers with a single venue to communicate, manage their personal media and share it with others. The applications are extensible with additional media types, advertising and other communication & collaborative services.


  • Management of email, feeds, address-book, calendar, personal media and media marketplaces
  • New revenues via advertising and premium content channels
  • Rich mail AJAX experience with drag-and-drop and keyboard navigation
  • Dynamic interface serving; best possible interface per browser
  • Multiple language support including English, Spanish, French, etc.
  • RSS feed management
  • Rich multi-media support
  • Multi-device support including web browsers, mobile web browsers, J2ME enabled devices, and BREW enabled devices
  • Efficiently scales to over 20 million subscribers


  • Increased customer satisfaction and market differentiation with world-class Personal Information Management offering
  • New revenue streams from consumer subscriptions, advertising (text, interactive and rich media) and premium content subscription services
  • Increased operational efficiencies through optimized platform for consumer-centric service delivery