Nitido NiM™ SDK


Service creation in a multi-tenant network service environment has its challenges. Nitido NiM SDK was designed with this in mind. Nitido NiM SDK is an integrated service delivery platform that enables rapid service creation by leveraging a rich pre-built set of connectors to common network service sources as well as a client-side (Web or mobile) environment for presentation assembly.


  • Service creation platform for multi-tenant network services
  • Scalable abstraction of Web / mobilepresentation to consumer, service assembly and branding, optimized service connections to source and consolidated consumer / service authentication management
  • Optimize and co-mingle standard Java application server environments (BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere, Sun JES, Tomcat)
  • Effectively manage boundary connections with network services & partners while managing system, network and consumer device resources
  • Dynamic composite application assembly without reconnection or recreating infrastructure


  • Rapid time-to-revenues of custom application services
  • Rapid modification of application services in response to market changes or consumer demand
  • Lower operational costs