About Nitido

Since 1999, Nitido has been enabling network service providers with surmounting specialized infrastructure challenges of creating and managing value added network services that scale to very large consumer audiences. Today, over 30 million consumers enjoy service provider branded services built and run on Nitido's technology.

Nitido understands the challenges of delivering massive scale consumer-centric services. We have applications, infrastructure and expertise to drive new revenues and increased operational efficiencies:

  • White labeled multi-tenant applications for consumer communications, personal media and content collections
  • Infrastructure to manage address books in a central place for all applications to leverage
  • Subscriber and device self administration and gateway servers to manage cross network integration Software development kit for rapid prototype-to-deployment of value added subscriber services concurrently to mobile phones and Web browsers
  • Platform that manages boundary issues such as mismatched concurrency expectations, rate limiting, authentication and effective resource management in terms of load balancing, session management, connection pooling and smart caching for vast subscriber audiences